Open Urban Television (OUT) is a project developed in collaboration between JARD and Alberto Gómez Sainz.

How do big data archives, augmented realities, real time technologies or their socio-political implications, interact in the daily life of citizenship and their urban environment? JARD researches, experiments and develops projects to implement the continuous digitalization of reality within built environments and its architectures.

JARD is a physic-digital architectonic office that works a daily average of 13 hours, 23 minutes and 54 seconds in a discontinuous space-time that does not adjust to the official holiday periods with a minimum connection speed of 8 megabytes per second being synchronized with the contextual parameters of each project but, always, encoded between new technologies, programming and the built environment. Its location is constantly in motion usually varying between university offices to city´s garages in London, Boadilla del Monte, Berlin, Tarazona or Madrid, having always in common a fast internet connection.

JARD compromises a mutant net of people with diverse profiles linked to sociology, engineering, architecture, arts, philosophy, pedagogy or communication among which are always present either Javier, Rodrigo or both.

Javier Argota and Rodrigo Delso are architects by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (2014 and 2012 respectively) currently working as researchers and professors at the same university that have complemented their training at the Illinois Institute of Technology (Chicago, 2008). Javier researches on data visualization, interactive media and new technologies applied to urban planning and architecture within Hypermedia Research Group at Polytechnic University of Madrid. Rodrigo is a chronopath who has just arrived from Goldsmiths University (London, 2014) thanks to La Caixa scholarship to develop his ongoing PHD titled ChronoPolis that has been recently awarded in the national competition Arquímedes (2014) for young Spanish researchers.

Alberto Gómez Sainz
Native from Madrid and currently based in Stroud UK, Alberto works in bleeding edge microchip design. Passionate about graphic programming, computer vision and open software and hardware in general. He holds a degree in Industrial Engineering by Comillas and a MSc. in IC Design by the Imperial college of London. Other projects: